Young Goo was definitely the perfect robot boyfriend . Some simple communication would solve a lot of problems, but instead, lack of communication leads to suffering for all involved. And you can bet everyone has an opinion on the matter. SBS’s “Absolute Boyfriend” has officially jumped into the Wednesday-Thursday drama field. In the original manga story and in both tv adaptations before this one, the characters have different names and jobs, but, in the end, Zero nine really dies, and Da Da stays with her human boyfriend. Young Gu’s emotional feelings for Da Da develops further and he gets involved in a love triangle, fighting for her affections against Wang Joon. He even went through the lengths of smuggling Young Gu from his employers because he didn’t want him to be owned by an irresponsible owner like Diana. A machine that was programmed to only be reset easily overwrites that program because of love. The ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama hit a new low with its ratings according to Nielsen Korea. I envied Riiko for One of my first manga read, venturing in the shojo genre. The story began with the female lead feeling that love does not exist as she grew out of love. A 0 usuarios les ha parecido útil esta reseña. It is the third remake of the Japanese manga “Absolute Boyfriend” by Yuu Watase after the Japanese and Taiwanese adaptations. Byadmin 2 years ago. The first volume in Absolute Boyfriend is tons of fun. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Wang Joon lets Zero Nine stay at his place. One of the reasons why the drama failed to draw in more audience is because the plot lacks substance. She was understandably devastated. It just felt cozy And then yes, I cried to during those last episodes. While the overall performance of the actors and actresses is nothing to rave about, they’re all pretty impressive, especially for a drama that’s ridden with flaws. “My Absolute Boyfriend” tells the story of a special effects make-up artist who has a scar due to bad love experiences. Yeo Jin Goo takes on the role of the Zero Nine/ Young Gu, an android robot while Bang Mi Nah portrays Eom Da Da, a make-up artist who become’s Zero Nine’s girlfriend. Not all of the science make sense, and you’re likely to notice some logic fails here and there. , Oooh, that will be a nice long vacation! Even though she is evil, she manages to engross the audience in all of her scenes. Though he kept it secret for a while, of course, Da Da eventually found out. However, she moves on to realize that true and everlasting love actually exists. This manga used almost every teenage fantasy as a theme- having the perfect boyfriend. ❤, I cried too! But there wasn't any character or story I care enough about. Since the plot is fairly basic, there really are a lot of normal scenes as well as plenty of cute ones between Young Goo and Da Da. Absolute Boyfriend is a short manga series—only six volumes—that was never made into an anime.It has, however, spawned a live-action series in Japan, as well as a Taiwanese live-action series called Absolute Darling.. Do you always seem to read romance anime where it's an average, unlucky guy who can't get laid and suddenly his luck turns around in that department? 1. An occurrence of certain events causes her to lose her belief in love and she breaks up with him. As you said, it was nothing grand but I thought the storyline was still very enjoyable. Minah plays our make-up artist Eom Da Da. I found the drama to have quite a laid back pace. Him coming to save Eom Da Da every time she’s in trouble and declaring his undying love is endearing to watch. I love this review. END OF SPOILERS. /*