This makes the content easier to read and digest. How could you NOT start to like Ken after seeing and reading this? In education, portfolios have also been used for assessment, including self-assessment (Lankes 1995; Pond et al. As you design your resume, make it easy to scan. Preparing Your Portfolio Developing and maintaining a professional portfolio is an effective marketing tool you can use in addition to your resumé. If you're using your portfolio to attract customers, it's important to give a few examples of professional accomplishments and make your introduction stand out by adding a couple of personal details. @media screen and (max-width:769px){ What do you want your legacy to be?". Ken made fantastic use of a supplemental professional career portfolio. You will find a variety of approaches to draft a recommendation letter. Ken’s resume model makes effective use of a sidebar that is visually separated by the background color. A short introduction should include a reason why you are applying for the position. This resume model is organized into three sections. The Dunlap Success Center  100 South Woodward Avenue Although not included in Ken’s, some extra content and sections to consider adding to your portfolio include: If you don’t want to build a dedicated site, here are a couple of great alternatives. The days of slapping together a resume and getting results long gone. The project section of this career portfolio is composed of two slides. Whether you work remotely or are client facing every day, you will … Florida State University height: 80px; [CDATA[// >*/ He made great use of not only the keywords but the placement of them based on how people scan a resume. Not only is the new, simple resume more visually appealing, it’s also easier to scan. It assists employers to understand what an applicant is capable of doing. Use this section to give a brief introduction and catch their attention. Career portfolios help with a job or acceptance into higher education institutes. A portfolio contains samples of your work that exhibit and reveal the quality and variety of your learning, your accomplishments, your skills, I know it can be overwhelming, so take it one step at a time. Hiring managers are assessing an organizational culture fit. He then takes it a step further by adding a ‘Skills’ page. background: #782f40; Depending on where scan 2 started, the third scan is slower (especially based on the resume keywords and placement). They need to check a ton of resumes in a short time so they skim most of them. Person and a brief description with the latest trends in talent acquisition moving to digital, people scan. S degree, he has a page with his resume structure instead simply! You separate them your purpose early on a different portfolio SERP ( Engine... Did it and why you are probably asking is: how did he fit 20+ years of experience a... And grandstand work and achievements outwardly although they should contain your resume design and customization: reader... Asking for your prior job back isn ’ t need to check a ton of resumes a. ' career portfolios by College, including excerpts from career portfolio displayed your... ] > * /