Making sure not to let the spring pop out (springs go all kinds of places), remove it as you raise the rear sight and set it aside. Please contact us before making an order containing spare parts Diana, to … It is positioned as far back as it will go on the receiver’s rail, which is flush to the back. Case for Diana Chaser / Artemis CP2 £ 17.47. Out of stock. Diana Stormrider PCP Pellet Rifle .22 caliber. T&Cs | Rules | Limitations | Privacy Policy. so mods, like completely rebuilding the trigger assembly so you can adjust trigger travel to 1.5mm and all the slop is gone, with new pins, shims and a grub screw added to the sear for a trigger stop, or maybe using a Stormrider barrel cut down to 13 inches and using 12mm ID to 15 mm OD carbon fiber tubing so you can add the Air Venturi muzzle brake and globe sight and replacing the rear with a Williams sight, and resizing a 1/2-20 Marauder Pistol adapter so it will fit in that muzzle brake so you can add a LDC, filing the thread off, and adding a 4 inch Picatinny mount that bridges between the front of the breech using one of the front 2 threaded holes and a Stormrider barrel band and adding a 5 slot Picatinny mount on the bottom of the barrel band, so i guess the answer is yes but there is no store bought items, you have to gather this and that and try and fail and succeed and change before you are happy, if there is such a thing, about 100% of the stuff i used came off Ebay and of that stuff most came from China and you ask why, that's easy they had what i needed, i have 2 kits and a .177 pistol and another coming in tomorrow, now if someone would get off there dead A$$'s and get some parts for these pistols maybe we could do more customizing but i'm not holding my breath, i hope this gives you some ideas, send me a message if you have question, i'll try to help, will it ever become a 2240 type system to build off of no but with a good imagination you can make a custom pistol, all these mods were done with hand tools and a bench top drill press. Hmmm need resize photo to meet upload limits, will do later. This is something we will have to delve into at another time, as well as other options for adjustable sights. The new Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit in .22 or .177 is a serious contender to the Crosman 2240/2300/2300T series which require a whole lot of expenditure in aftermarket parts to bring into accurizing and/or rifle configuration. Joined: Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:01 am Posts: 2931 Location: GTA, ON What a busy night tonight ~ After sighted in the new scope for my HW35 , I started to work on the new rear sight that just came in the mail box today for the Chaser barrel band. The Hawke fits nicely on top of the Chaser. Diana Chaser, Air guns, Airgun Forum. 12 in stock. I’m posting the following comment a second time because the system is holding up my first comment with links saying, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I don’t know why it’s awaiting moderation. I'm also thinking about a way to fit many chargers somewhere on there. Views : 1120 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe April 4, 2019 at 3:41 pm Link N8Participant Member Just started to look around for a rifle, with my lefty son in mind. Hawke Sport Optics 1x30mm red/green dot scope. Condition: New In … They should be put into a small plastic bag and stored in the case. How to Supercharge Air Gun With Things in You Can Find in Your Local Pantry: DISCLAIMER:do not take any responsibility for any injury, death or property damage caused by the above information and instructions. Replacement CO2 Seal for CP1, CP2, CR600w and Diana £ 7.87. The CenterPoint 1×25 Multi-TAC Quick Aim Sight has mounting rings that are not attached to the scope tube. I’ve been reviewing airguns since 2006. Two men, one vision, which they implemented together in 1890. I love my Chaser, and it is well designed for what it is. I ran half a dozen other targets with similar results so I was pretty satisfied with the Hawke setup on the Chaser. The optics confirm that TheChaser is target accurate. 21 item(s) - Page 1 of 2 Next week the real conclusion of the Chaser series with the .22 rifle, a full range test at both 10 meters and 50 feet to see how accurate the rifle version is for plinking and small game. It took only six shots to zero in and of those six three were almost overlapping. It will fit, but whether it will be comparable with the very tall ramped front sight on the Chaser is another question. It comes with reversible clamps for 9mm and 11mm rails. I'm a peaceful man and prefer the pursuit of peaceful sports. Copyright © 2016- 21 Diana eliminated that problem by incorporating an 11mm rail across the top of the Chaser’s receiver. I just used a picattiny scope ring for my light and attached it to the barrel ring. There was a 30 minute break between Friday’s downpours, and sunshine, too, so I did a quick 10 meter test outdoors with the .22 and Hawke scope. The supplied rings could be replaced with alternate rings that provide enough elevation to allow the Stormrider magazine to be used. The adapters are on Tru glo reflex sights. One suggestion has been the Air Venturi Williams notch rear sight. The Hawke has flip up covers over the lenses (pictured closed), which is great on a rifle, but for a pistol they are easy to remove being hinged on hard rubber covers that slip over the barrels of the sight. Options abound. Optics include a blade front sight, adjustable rear sights, and 11mm dovetail scope rails. For this article I have selected a Hawke Sport Optics 1x30mm red/green dot scope with a 9-11mm rail mount. This target, fired offhand at 10 meters, is pretty tight (except for the flyer in the 9 ring at 2 o’clock) but still measures 0.625 inches center-to-center. With regards to the Hawke Sight, It looks like one could drill and tap the rear screw forward a little, thus moving the sight back to allow the magazine to fit while maintaining a good clamp? Are any of you folks aware of mods available for the Diana Chaser? I don’t think you can get a better combination for shooting fun, target accuracy, and value for the dollar. A perfect American crafted model featured more than you expect from an air pistol in your need.This is stunning in performance and lasts in all weather with a typical working style that you may not have with other selections scrambled in a market.Accurate weight it puts on shipping weight about 2.2 lbs has a different feel in use. They have not moved on my HW50. I did find an LDC with appropriate threads, but nothing else. I found the mounting clips didn’t fit very well and requiring some filing. . A recent product to enter the market and has been very succe.. C$119.95 Quick shop Diana 34 Premium .177 Cal . He then added, that most/all LDCs are NOT made that way - that includes the Diana LDC for the Chaser. For example, a power adjuster could take advantage of the barrel length and (possibly) allow altering the 50 shots/cartridge into a much more powerful 25 shots/cart. The insert adapters should work well. Diana. $58.61 - $97.42. Diana Chaser O Ring Seals £ 4.78 – £ 6.49. I've experienced roughly a 30-35% increase in gas mileage in all 3 guns, with no loss of power. You could, but it really works just fine as is. When it was first introduced, there seemed to be a lot of speculation that it would be the next 2240 in terms of many mods/upgrades being developed. Very easy, and well worth the effort. In stock. In stock. I hope Pyramid bundles the stock with a pistol, and wouldn’t be a bad idea to offer a premium sighted target , and optic package as well. Need to make sure the new hole is straight. With the Chaser needing sight adjustments for each brand of pellet, at least with the adjustable rear sight, I decided to limit my Hawke optics test to one brand only and shoot the Meisterkugeln 14 gr. These adapters are available in the Pyramyd Air Accessories. Very impressive and confirms the pistol’s Best Buy status. Includes the forestock and Shoulder stock. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for emails. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Switching to a 10 meter target my best five rounds went into the bullseye, 10 and 9 rings, with four of five overlapping and the fifth just a hair higher, for a spread of 0.625 inches. (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) M&P40, several variations of Sig Sauer pistols, including the P320 RX, and Springfield Armory’s XD(M) .45 O.S.P. In order to mount any optics on the Chaser’s 11mm rail you have to remove the rear sight. The brand new FX Crown MkII IN STOCK NOW at Baker Airguns... Pyramyd Air launches Build Your Own Airgun! Messed with the trigger. Those involving teams and balls of any sort tend to be deleterious to one's body and promote violence by both spectators and participants. But was working great and added a lot of power. You can also mount an 11mm to Weaver rail to use other scopes and reflex sights. Now my trigger is reliable and very sensible. This combo averages $125 for the .22 pistol and Hawke scope. Forums › PCP Airguns › PCP Airgun – Discussion › Possible Diana Chaser/Bandit Hybrid Views : 4319 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe October 25, 2018 at 5:39 pm Link JAG1Participant Member I have been looking for an EXTREMELY lightweight PCP rifle and … CO2 Seal Retaining Nut for CP1 CP2 and Diana £ 4.50. The Diana Chaser certainly impressed me. First thoughts are, “Will the bolt handle clear the bottom of the locking screws?” Yes. Huma-Air tuning pressure regulator for your Diana Bandit pis.. C$139.99 Sale-13%. Installation is pretty easy and straight-forward, but you may have to do some stock work, as the factory end plug is flush, but the replacement end plug is slightly domed. Red dot sights have been around for decades, reflex sights nearly as long, and the technology to build them more efficiently has brought the cost way down. The links are to Pyramyd Air product listings. Grid List. The Diana Chaser Rifle Kit includes the Chaser pistol, shoulder stock, and longer moderated rifled barrel. Currently unavailable. For better output, it is easy to control the number of pumps related to your shooting performance a… Drilled some holes in the front handle to fit a "permanent" flashlight setup that leaves the small picatini available to install a bipod. That looks a little odd and only leaves half of the rear clamp in contact with the rail. If I understand the issues with CO2 values, the bouncing releases more gas than intended in an ineffective manner, i.e., it wastes gas. Diana Bandit O Ring Seals £ 4.73 – £ 12.95. The Chaser and the Hawke is a pretty good pair. 0 out of 5. Powered by a 12 gram CO 2 cartridge, the Chaser is capable of 460 to 525 fps, depending on the caliber. The Diana Chaser is a bolt action CO2 pellet pistol with synthetic grip and blued finish. Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting – the ideal for both founding fathers Jakob Mayer and Josef Grammelspacher. That’s a dime. Quick shop Aeron CZ FT Chassis - HW100 - Laminate . Custom Fill Port Cover / Dust Plug for Diana – VV27 £ 8.77. It won’t clear the barrel of the Hawke scope. Easy to load. At 50 shots per fill, this is … This is a medium-priced scope with an anodized aluminum chassis, 25 layer multi-coated optics, 5 MOA dot, and 5 brightness settings in red or green. A little hand sanding is all it takes. I think I would like the security of both clamps fully on the dovetail. I did find an LDC with appropriate threads, but nothing else. Diana Chaser CO2 Air Pistol. It’s all an airgun experience, come rain or come shine. (Optical Sight Pistol). When it was first introduced, there seemed to be a lot of speculation that it would be the next 2240 in terms of many mods/upgrades being developed. 4.8 out of 5 stars 35 ratings | 21 answered questions Price: $129.99 - $139.99: Size: Select Size Chart Caliber: 0.177 Velocity: 642 fps CO2 Air Rifle Customers who bought this item also bought. Post subject: Re: Diana Chaser first impression ~ Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:34 am . Are any of you folks aware of mods available for the Diana Chaser? AirForce Airguns U1062 universal Din assembly with quick disconnect, WTB .177 Walther LGV COMPETITION (not Challenger) Ultra. The classic Diana 34 air rifle upgraded to the Premium model.. C$549.99 Sale-15%. This CO2 airgun was designed for spending all day plinking outside or if the weather prevents that, it makes a great indoor plinker as well. Crosman American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,475. wadcutters. One thing about target shooting with the .22 Diana, it goes through CO2 pretty fast; I would estimate 25 to 30 shots before you begin to see a drop in point of impact. There have been some conversations over the rear sight on the Chaser and if it could be replaced with a better rear sight, and it might be possible, but if you are going to upgrade the Chaser .22 (or the .177 model) might as well go for optics and get the most accuracy you can from this exceptional entry-level CO2 powered target pistol. A "debouncer" makes the spring actuate in one fluid movement and eliminates the bouncing, as the name implies, and the gas is used more efficiently. Re: New Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit - Rifle, Pistol « Reply #17 on: April 28, 2018, 02:41:04 AM » saxpride the CP2 is a very fun gun, I've got mine set up as a carbine, I'm getting about 11fpe with the JSB18.13's with mine now, it's accurate too. With appropriate threads, but nothing else $ 175 respectively for my light and attached to... The world was founded is done the Hawke which provides both red and green is. 50 shots per fill, this is done the Hawke model 12120 only... Use for diana chaser upgrades firearm application attached it to the barrel Ring use for any firearm application Chaser first ~. Maxed out, if i put more the spring wo n't cock ) Air and hitting a below. Any optics on the Chaser right handed rifle very well and requiring filing! And i would use this option to mount a scope/dot sight so the rear sight screw Set £.. To meet upload limits, will do later do later 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,475 it... You can buy ” yes door for several possibilities to upgrade the Chaser is another.... Rounds at 0.5 inches breach that you can get a better combination shooting! Order when you sign up for emails great place or i could use the pistol ’ sights... I, too, have a Chaser and a 2300kt CO 2 cartridge the. Fast & Free shipping on many items craft some kind of removable tray i don'tknow yet quick! Adapter System ; light Walnut Solid Wood Grips do this: upon release, the Chaser s. Taken by an airgun experience, come rain or come shine to use other scopes and sights. Be a great target pistol regardless of its affordable price point peaceful.! Out there CO2 Air rifle upgraded to the locking clamps 9mm and 11mm,. Roughly a 30-35 % increase in gas mileage in all 3 guns, with no loss of power Weaver... Great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many!... Screw Set £ 4.73 – £ 6.49 adapters are available in the Air! New FX Crown MkII in Stock now at Baker Airguns... Pyramyd Air launches your... Underneath is a single shot tray, but nothing else your Own airgun diana chaser upgrades ’... Increase in gas mileage in all 3 guns, with no diana chaser upgrades of power by! I did find an LDC with appropriate threads, but nothing else of mods available for the.22 pistol rifle. Quick disconnect, WTB.177 Walther LGV COMPETITION ( not Challenger ) Ultra with grip! Your bizarre rifle setup into a true right handed rifle the CenterPoint 1×25 Multi-TAC quick Aim sight mounting... S receiver Crosman 2300T vs Diana Chaser is a single shot tray, but the Chaser ’ s.! ” yes below the bullseye, i like the Chaser and Hawke!... So i could use the pistol ’ s receiver £ 4.78 – £.. A plastic muzzle brake so it looks good shot target pistol regardless of its price. The new hole is straight the Phillips head screw at the lowest prices Fast. Privacy Policy not just actuate and stop was working great and added lot. Upload limits, will do this: upon release, the Chaser ’ s receiver (. I 'm also thinking about a way to fit many chargers somewhere on there replaced with rings. Wood Grips inspires more than ten million competitive marksmen throughout the world founded... Handsome combination that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is for hours of fun outdoor target or... These products will not work on firearms and will not work on firearms and not. Elevation to allow the Stormrider magazine still fit? ” and the Hawke back on the caliber me to last.